Food: Victoria Sandwich

Classic British Victoria Sandwich

I have no idea what the WI do.

Since I was a little girl there’s been a WI just around the corner from wherever I lived, and I’ve heard “Jam and Jerusalem” thrown about ad infinatum,¬†but I have no idea what they do any more.

Is it all old people, as I suspected as a child, or are there young members running around knitting and analysing baked goods? Other than listening to talks about peculiar subjects, what do they do? During their centenary celebrations last year, did they finalise a secret plot for world domination, a plot that is about to come to final and terrifying fruition? Or is it just a group of people deeply passionate about cooking in the specific way that requires stringent rules about the set of jam and whether or not buttercream belongs in a Victoria Sandwich.

In my opinion it does, and a Victoria Sandwich without buttercream, as is suggested by the WI, is a travesty. So there.

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