Craft: Heat Reveal Love Letters (and free printables!)

Heat Reveal Love Letters printed on three colours, and a pile of cookies.

I cannot remember a date to save my life.

If you are anything like me, the sudden arrival of Valentine’s day will have surprised you. I was still convinced it was drifting somewhere in the misty future, maybe next week or something. But no. It’s tomorrow.

My silly, soft-hearted self had such indulgent plans for Valentine’s day; a beautiful home-cooked meal of 3 courses, some over-sweet heart-shaped dessert, all eaten by candlelight, a single red rose in a tall glass between us. These lovely plans have gone completely awry due to the inevitable and expectable passing of time. A passing that, in spite of the best efforts of diaries and calendars, continues to catch me off guard.

And if you are anything like me, you are now trawling through the blogs you love, looking for a gift to give a significant other in your life, something romantic and sweet and doable at speed. For people who are like me, meet the heat reveal love letter; an endearing love letter with an invisible ink twist!

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