Food: Salted Caramel Sundae

Salted Caramel Sundae

Half-pint jug choc-full of brownie, salted-caramel ice cream and topped with salted caramel sauce.

Sometimes things do not go as we planned.

I was planning to share with you an impressive ice cream cake, but as I removed my brownie from the tin it disintegrated into a pile of gooey chunks. Disappointed and annoyed, I dumped it in a bowl and glared at it.  I had a tub of ice-cream waiting for this defunct brownie, and I was not about to let it down. Enter the quickie salted caramel sundae.

Salted Caramel Sundae

Serves 6, with leftovers

Fast enough for a Monday evening, indulgent enough for a Friday night, this salted caramel sundae takes about 10 minutes of work, and then it’s chilled-out dessert all the way.

1 tub of vanilla ice cream
1 can of caramel
Salt to taste, I use 1/2tsp
6 chocolate brownies, home-made or store-bought, it doesn’t matter.

Let your ice cream soften on the counter, and crack open that caramel. Carefully, in the tin if you can manage it, combine salt and caramel.  Beat 3/4 of the can caramel into the softened ice-cream; it’s up to you if you leave ripples of caramel and vanilla or get it all beaten in. Return the ice-cream to the freezer to stiffen back up a bit. Before serving, crumble the brownies into a bowl, and layer in glasses with the ice cream. Drizzle over the remaining caramel.


Chocolate and Raspberry Sundae: Swap the salted caramel ice-cream for raspberry sorbet and fresh berries. Layer as before.

Sticky Toffee Sundae: Replace the chocolate brownie with toffee cake and leave out the salt. If desired, add some finely chopped dates between layers.

Zingy Lemon Sundae: Hardly a variation and more of an alternate recipe, but it’s here anyway. A nice variation with a lighter, more summery feeling. Replace brownie with white cake, and layer with lemon sorbet in place of ice cream. Add lemon-curd on top and between layers, if desired.


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